Monday, 7 December 2009

Visiting Salford

One of the most important events in the past few weeks was our visit to Manchester to attend the Employer Engagement dissemination event held by the University of Salford (UoS). Although we had quite high expectations going to this event, UoS managed to meet them in full. It was very encouraging to see that it is possible for an institution to improve its focus on the Employer Engagement and actually receive very positive results. It was also an excellent opportunity to meet other institutions interested in the same topic as us.

In regards to our project – the User Requirement Survey is now out and we are collecting the results. Although the Survey has been up for a week and a half, so far we have only 21 respondents, therefore we are considering other ways of distributing the survey and encouraging people to fill it in.

We have now completed a draft of the Customer Satisfaction Survey. After consulting with our Business Analyst we are now presenting the survey to the Business School Communication Department, as it was them who proposed assisting us with facilitating and distributing the Survey. This meeting should take place on Wednesday but I am already very excited about it!

Tomorrow I am going to Birmingham to attend the Modelling Workshop. This should be quite useful as I don’t know much about process mapping...