Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Long time no blog?

The project went a bit quiet in the last few weeks of December. We had reached a point where all we needed was the data from our survey but we had to wait to collect it, therefore I was mostly busy finalising the reports and helping my colleague with his exciting project (a good chunk of web programming can never hurt!).

By the time we had collected all the necessary data from our survey it was Christmas and I went off on my holiday which ended up with an awful flu that kicked me out of action for another week so I only got back at work yesterday! Two weeks behind the schedule now - every minute counts now!

It looks like we are approaching our final sprint as all of the research needs to be finished by mid March with draft reports ready to go to the JISC, and that is only 8 weeks from now. We are starting off with the CRM User Requirements survey results analysis – we received 54 replies in total with the large portion being from academics. I guess I'll see you in February - wish me luck!