Monday, 8 February 2010

Progress report

And yes, there is some progress to speak about! We have finally managed to put together all of our data collected from the User Requirement Survey (URS) and Baseline Assessment , analyse it and produce several interesting reports – URS analysis and CRM and the HE sector. We have also spent a lot of time going through the CRM Self-analysis framework and critically assessing to what extent we have used it during the project and what could be added to improve the framework. All of the reports still need a little bit of work but after they are finalised, we will focus on compiling the reports into the template distributed by the JISC and produce the draft project report.

In addition today we received several documented processes from our colleagues in the Knowledge Exchange department from which we are hoping to do some process mapping in the next week or so. We have also received an email from Sharon regarding the collaborative presentations – we were partnered with the projects from the universities of Salford, Loughborough and Roehampton. So if anyone from there is reading this – we will be in touch soon!

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