Friday, 20 November 2009

Project Update

Friday is definitely the best time to blog, especially as the last week was packed with events and experience!

Vicky and I had a very useful phone conversation with Philip Holifield and Ann Wardley from the UCLAN Partner View project. It was very interesting to find out about another approach to somewhat similar project and exchange opinions and ideas. We have picked up several interesting suggestions from the conversation and it was nice to speak with a ‘fellow’ project.

We have also hosted a CRM Networking Event for our colleagues this week. The event was a success! We had excellent attendance and interest to the event and all our guests were very open, positive and pro-active! The discussion regarding CRM was going so actively that the only thing that stopped us was the end of the time slot we booked the room for! We have already received a lot of positive feedback about the event and we are already planning the next one.

There was a lot of interesting discussion going on but we were particularly excited about 3 topics:

1) We have had a confirmation that one of the senior managers of the University is interested in implementing a successful CRM system;
2) A representative from the PR & Marketing department has volunteered to do some CRM promotion on our behalf;
3) We were offered some help in the development of a Customer Satisfaction Survey, which we are hoping to focus in the nearest future.

I will post an update once we have any more development in one of those areas.

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