Friday, 6 November 2009

User Requirement Survey

I don’t even know where to start – so many things to write about!

First of all – finally, ‘it’ is ready! It took us some time to identify what information we were hoping to get from our CRM User Requirement Survey and even more time to produce the questions matching our aims and objectives. Endless hours of deliberation produced 17 more or less balanced questions, which were piloted among a few of our colleagues. The feedback we collected was so useful that nearly all the questions were altered slightly, producing a final version of the survey. If you are interested, please follow the link below to see what the survey looks like. You can input data into the survey as this copy is specifically prepared for dissemination and will not affect our internal data collection.

We are going to launch the survey on the 18th of November, during our CRM Networking Event (formally known as CRM Workshop) that we are hosting for stakeholders. The preparation for the event is well on its way and we have managed to identify some new stakeholders, which is always very useful. The event has attracted a lot of attention and we already have more attendees than initially anticipated.

In addition, I am now attending a Staff Development course on SPSS which we are hoping to use for the analysis of the User Requirement Survey. SPSS seems to be quite complicated software, but still, even for basic statistical analysis, it seems to be much better than Excel.

Finally, we have just submitted the JISC RM Progress Report survey. Our main thought on this was that the survey was well constructed and helped us to reflect on some of our project activities. Especially challenging but interesting was the question about additional opportunities for CRM benefits.

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