Tuesday, 27 October 2009

First Results

Last week we shared our preliminary baseline assessment findings with one of our key stakeholders who is also the director of a major Business Development Unit (BDU) within the institution. We were not expecting to see any impact from this report so quickly, but it seems like CRM is gaining support and interest is snowballing!

An email circulated yesterday across several other BDUs raised the importance of CRM and requested people use the CRM system for recording their BCE activities in the future. This has already resulted in enquiries regarding CRM system training and licence purchasing. A combination of awareness raising and support from management seems to have caused a major shift from months of discussing and debating CRM to proactive engagement.

In addition, we are going ahead with an initial idea sparked by our conversation with Sharon to host a networking workshop for our colleagues within the institution in order to raise the awareness of CRM. Has anyone done anything similar? Could you possibly advise us on anything you have found useful when hosting/promoting such an event? For example, how to raise interest in the event, especially with academic colleagues?

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